Online Fundraising

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast?

You can register your Pink Ribbon Breakfast by clicking the register button on the menu.

Once you have filled out your details, your online fundraising page will automatically be created for you to personalise. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to your page. You will create a username and password for your Pink Ribbon Breakfast page that gives you access to personalise your page with images and messages, keep track of donations and lots of other helpful information to help you with your fundraising.

When do I host my Pink Ribbon Breakfast?

Events are typically held in October, which is international Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, you can hold your Pink Ribbon Breakfast whenever is best for you, we don’t mind.

Does my event have to be a breakfast?

Not at all, the choice is yours! These days Pink Ribbon Breakfasts include everything from breakfasts to gala dinner, high teas to bake sales.

Your Pink Ribbon Breakfast can be big, small, simple, or glamorous you decide! Invite 10 friends or 100. Hold it at home, at work, in a cafe – anywhere. The possibilities are endless!

Can I share my page with friends?

Yes, there are actually a few ways for you to do this.

You can go to your online fundraising page and use the icons on the right hand side to share via email or on social media.

Can I publicise my event on your website?

The best way to publicise your event is through the NBCF Facebook page and Twitter account.

We have also provided you with some fantastic online resources to download for promoting your event.

Can I post my event photos or details on the NBCF’s social media pages?

Of course! You can post your event photos or details directly onto the NBCF Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account (for Twitter, the maximum word count is 140 characters but try to fit it into 120 so we have enough space to re-tweet it).

How do I cancel my event?

We are sorry to hear you are unable to host your Pink Ribbon Breakfast. To cancel, please email or call 1300 803 551 to let us know.

Can we approach any of the NBCF Corporate Partners for additional support?

As these companies are already very generous supporters of the Foundation and are approached frequently throughout the year, we ask that you do not approach these companies for financial sponsorship or in relation to prize donations. NBCF Corporate Partners are listed on the NBCF website.

Does NBCF provide public liability insurance?

NBCF is unable to provide public liability insurance to cover community fundraising events. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to arrange this.



What does my host pack contain?

Your host pack will contain a hard copy of your letter of authority to fundraise, your deposit slip outlining your options for returning your funds raised, your host guide booklet packed with tips and ideas to help make your event a success, posters and some other goodies to help make your event a success!

How long does it take for my host pack to arrive?

Upon ordering, please allow 5-10 working days for it to arrive.

How do I order more posters?

You may download and print more posters from the resources page on the Pink Ribbon Breakfast website.

How do I get a receipt book?

You can order receipt booklets by emailing your name, address and number of books you would like to order to and we will organise for them to be sent to you within 5 to 7 business days. Each receipt booklet has 25 tax receipts.


Banking Funds

How do I pay my money into the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

Once you have held your breakfast and collected all your funds you can bank it in a variety of ways. Click here for instructions on how to bank your funds.

Where do I find my deposit slip?

Your deposit slip is enclosed in the Host Pack you received after you registered to host your event. If you cannot find your deposit slip, please contact the Pink Ribbon Breakfast team on or on 1300 803 551

Can people who donate get a tax deductible receipt?

Yes, all donations over $2 can get a tax deductible receipt. Online donations will be automatically receipted to the email address provided when the donation is made. You can request a receipt book (with 25 tax receipts in each) by emailing your name, address and number of books you would like to and we will organise for them to be sent to you within 5 to 7 business days.

What if I have other questions not outlined here?

Please contact the helpful Pink Ribbon Breakfast team by email at or on 1300 803 551 if you have any further questions.